We get designers to work their magic on emerging web technologies.

Through events and online collaboration we wrangle the challenges of new web technologies, looking for ways to improve the user and developer experience so new tech can be swiftly and easily adopted.

And by ‘design’ we mean how the technology works, not just how it looks.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Alan Kay, Xerox PARC, 1971.

Improving the user and developer experience of new technologies is a powerful tool in positively affecting their development and adoption.

Get involved and change the web

Our events focus on collaborating on the design challenges of new web technologies with the aim of creating actionable outputs, including:

Building an open discussion

Everything created at Design Push events is published on our wiki under a Creative Commons Attribution license. We aim to grow a community around the ideas created at Design Push events, creating discussions and progress that lasts long after the events.

Next event

Web Intents Design Push

25 February 2012, Brighton UK

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We'll also be using Lanyrd to organise attendees and collect any media created for each event.